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Joseph works as a freelance writer and creative consultant, specialising in gaming and animation. 

His work to date includes cinematics, trailers, and promotional shorts, ranging from AAA franchises to mobile gaming start-ups.

His portfolio encompasses a range of different genres - whether that be high-octane comedy, dark sci-fi, or fantasy action. His most-watched short, Tumbleweed (2020), currently has over 150m + YouTube views. 

He brings a decade of varied writing experience to his work: an award-winning comedy and theatre background; extensive experience working with Aardman Animations; his own Radio 4 show, Joseph Morpurgo's Walking Tour; and TV and radio credits across a range of genres.  


Joseph's is able to help with:  

- winning pitches: developing original film concepts from client briefs (or from scratch), then collaborating with agencies to present that vision to the client. 

- writing scripts: turning concept ideas into fully-realised scripts, and working closely with directors to develop the best possible film.   

- fine-tuning stories: streamlining, restructuring and improving existing scripts at production stage. 

Beyond animation & gaming, Joseph has also worked with agencies including BrandOpus, ODD London and Brokkr, developing pitches and scripts for the likes of Tea India, Princes, Tanqueray and Craft Gin Club.

Joseph is always happy to hear from new collaborators - so please do get in touch via the contact form.





Toon Blast: Tumbleweed

Blinkink, 2020

(dir. Louis Clichy) 


Animated short directed by Louis Clichy (Pixar, Asterix). 135 million + views on YouTube.

Free Fire: Project Cobra

Passion Pictures, 2021

(dir. Jon Saunders)


Action-driven animated short. 10m + views across multiple languages. 

Rise of Kingdoms: Vikings

Passion Pictures, 2021

(dir. againstallodds)


Animated trailer for mobile strategy game. 

Free Fire: Legend of the Bounty Hunter

Passion Pictures, 2021

(dir. Timekeepers)


CGI animated trailer for FPS Free Fire, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. 15m + IG views.

Projects in Production

Due 2021 / 2022

Forthcoming AAA game trailer


Forthcoming AAA launch trailer  

Forthcoming AAA game tie-in film 

Action short for multiplayer game 

Series of comedy shorts for forthcoming multiplayer game 

Action short for mobile phone game 

Action short for multiplayer game

Forthcoming AAA trailer 

Festive commerical short